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ADOPTION SAVES LIVES. Thank you for looking to welcome one of our great dogs into your heart and home! If you are interested in one of our loving rescues the adoption process begins with filling out the adoption application.

If you would like to fill out a phyiscal copy of our application please download and print off the application from the link provided below. Completed applications can be emailed to adoptions@bullluvablepaws.org
Application Download ​​

Adoption Fees

0-6 months-$350.00
7-12 months- $300.00
13 months-8 years $200.00
Over 8 years $175.00

Please be advised: Our adoption fees are non-refundable. In the event that the dog proves to be unsuitable for your situation, and you have completed a home trial and signed an adoption contract, you have the option to exchange him/her for another dog within 14 days of the date of the adoption contract, subject to approval. If you choose to forego your home trial and proceed straight to adoption, no exchange will be offered. A home trial is offered as a convenience to potential adopters to ensure the dog being placed in the home, is the correct fit.

Adoption Application

All of the information I have given is true and complete. This dog will reside in my home as a pet. I will provide it with quality dog food, plenty of fresh water, indoor shelter, affection, annual physical examination and vaccinations under the supervision of a licensed Veterinarian. I will also take my new family member to my Veterinarian within 14 days of the date of adoption, if my application is approved.
Full Name:
Email address:
How many adults are there in your household?
How many children? (Please list ages)
What type of home do you live in? Single family, town home, apartment, farm, etc.?
Please describe your household: Active, Noisy, Quiet, Average?
If you rent, please give the rules governing pets:
Street Address:
How long at this address?:
Phone Number:
Best time to call:
Does anyone in the family have a known allergy to dogs?
Is everyone in agreement with the decision to adopt a dog?
Do you have time to provide adequate love and attention?
Do you understand some dogs may require more time to get to know you, than others? That it may not always be a perfect situation from the start? Your new dog may be timid, scared, growly, and or quiet. Do you have the patience to deal with this kind of behavior for a few days while the new dog adjusts?
What other pets do you have (specify type and number)?
Are these pets up to date on vaccines?
Are these pets altered (spayed or neutered)? If not, why?
Have you ever surrendered a pet? If so, why?
Have you ever had a pet euthanized? If so, why?
How do you discipline your pets and why?
Do you have a regular veterinarian?
Veterinarian's name:
Clinic name:
Clinic Address
Clinic Phone: (Providing BPR with this information you are allowing BPR to call your vet. Please call your vet and ask them to authorize the release of information to BPR.)
What is the name of the dog that you wish to adopt from BPR?
What is your idea of an ideal dog and why?
Desired age:
Desired Size:
Desired Breed:
Breed you would NOT want to adopt:
Desired sex: (Spayed female, neutered male, no preference)
Willing to adopt: __ outgoing/hyper dog __ shy dog __ dog that needs regular medication __ dog that needs training __ dog that needs grooming __ None of these
Where will the dog spend the day? (describe)
Where will the dog spend the night? (describe)
Number of hours (average) dog will spend alone?
Who will have primary responsibility for this dog's daily care?
Who will have financial responsibility for this dog?
Do you agree to provide regular health care by a Licensed Veterinarian?
Do you agree to keep the dog as an indoor dog?
When the dog goes out, how do you plan to supervise it? Fenced yard?
Do you agree to contact BPR if you can no longer keep this dog?
Are you willing to let a representative of BPR visit your home by appointment?
How did you hear about BPR?
Please list a personal reference (friend, co-worker, vet tech, neighbor, etc.) who is familiar with both you and your pets. Sorry, no parents or spouses.
Personal Reference Relationship to you:
Would you be interested in providing a foster home for a dog that could be euthanized in a local shelter? Would your fur babies be ok with that?
What are your other pets names?
What is their relationship to you?
Please provide the landlord's name and number: (By providing this information you are allowing BPR to contact your landlord - please inform them of this call so they will speak with us.)
Personal Reference Phone Number and/or Email:
Personal Reference Phone Number and/or Email:
Please list a second personal reference (friend, co-worker, vet tech, neighbor, etc.) who is familiar with both you and your pets. Sorry, no parents or spouses.
Personal Reference Relationship to you:
I Agree